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Equality For All

Let Us Fight For Equality We Aint Freak's Were Human It Shouldn't Matter About Your Sexuality We Are Proud To Be Who We Are We Having Nothing To Be Ashamed Of Please Help Me Get The Message Out To Start Open Up The Mind's Of Other Did You Know ....."More than 34,000 people die by suicide each year," making it "the third leading cause of death among 15 to 24 year olds" ages 1315, 16.9% of youth who attended schools with GSAs attempted suicide versus 33.1% of students who attended schools without GSAs.[28]Why Because People Are Homophobic They Bully They Threaten Even Beat People Who Are Different But In There Unique Way No One Should Have Suffer To Scared To Come Out For The Fear OF The People Who Thinks It Funny To HarassPeople So Much That Taking There Lives Seem Like The Only Way To Stop It Well It Shouldn't Be Happening And That's A Fact We Need To Take Action No Matter How Long It Take Let Get The Message Out There That Everyone Is Human Everyone Deserves To Be Happy No Matter What.78 Countries Where Homosexuality Is Illegal The Worst Case Countries That Think It's A Sin So Much The Kill Those Who Are LGBT That's NO Life For Anyone To Live No One Should Fear There Life Nor Take It Just Because They Were Born Either In The Wrong Body Who Love The Same Sex What Is The Government Doing To Help Stop This discrimination To Help Save People Who Are So Afraid That Who Or What They Are IS Wrong They Take There Life's When It Shouldn't Be The Case Were All Human Were All Equal LET'S STAND TOGETHER AND FIGHT FOR Equality FOR ALL

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